One of the funniest movie of the year. Bridesmaid we know is one of the most important on the wedding ceremony. Annie's life is a mess. But when she finds out her lifetime best friend is engaged, she simply must serve as Lillian's maid of honor. Though lovelorn and broke, Annie bluffs her way through the expensive and bizarre rituals. With one chance to get it perfect, she'll show Lillian and her bridesmaids just how far you'll go for someone you love. As one of the stars during the later years of "Saturday Night Live" (NBC, 1975- ), Kristin Wiig created numerous hilariously offbeat characters - from serial braggart Penelope to mischievous grade-schooler Gilly - that had the live audience and viewers at home laughing before she could deliver a punch line. Wiig immersed herself not only in her subtly deranged original characters.